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The results are clinically proven! By relaxing and softening the back, the massage provided by this mat promotes the recovery of your horse, and thus optimizes its performance! Lightweight, comfortable and foldable, the anatomical shape of the mat perfectly follows the horse's back, for optimal action from the toes to the equine quarters. Straps allow the mat to adapt to most horses. To improve the work on the muscles, each massage cycle alternates between 3 massaging effects: "pulse" (pulsations), "vibration" (vibrations), "wave" (waves). Thanks to the waterproof remote control, you can choose one of the three massage intensities: - Light, for relaxation after exercise (default mode), - Medium, to warm up the muscles before exercise, - Intense, to act on back problems.

Supplied with 1 high performance battery (autonomy of 12 sessions of 30 minutes), 1 universal charger, 1 nylon carrying bag.

Equilibrium Massage Mat

PriceFrom CHF435.00
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