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Recommended uses:

- In horses subject to gastric ulcers (stressed, anxious, emotional horse / sport horse subjected to intense efforts / horse spending 23h / 24 in the box, especially if it is on shavings ...).

- In horses with accelerated transit (diarrhea) or, on the contrary, slowed transit.

Characteristics :

More than 60% of sport horses and 90% of racehorses suffer from gastric ulcers. Naturally the horse is an anxious animal whose stomach is put to the test. The living conditions in most stables only accentuate the problem and increase the risk of gastric ulcers: inactivity in the box then sustained effort, energy supply given in concentrate, abandonment of straw bedding ... appetite, a lack of condition, repeated yawning, repeated colic, tic support ... can be signs of the presence of gastric ulcers.

Stomach Aid is a supplement made from clay and plants. It improves gastric comfort and regulates intestinal transit. Stomach Aid offers a 100% natural alternative to chemical treatments for gastric ulcers.

The clay forms a protective dressing on the gastric and intestinal mucous membranes. It quickly relieves pain and promotes healing.

Ispaghul (Indian plantain) and konjac contain plant substances which swell on contact with water to form a viscous gel (mucilages). This gel forms a protective layer on the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. It preserves and relieves ulcerated areas.

The gel formed thanks to ispaghul and konjac also makes it possible to regulate intestinal transit by modifying the consistency of the fecal bowl. It makes it denser in case of diarrhea or softer in case of constipation.

Conditioning :

Bucket of 1 kg, or 20 days of cure at 50 g / day.

Made in France.



  • Aliment complémentaire vermicelle pour chevaux.

    Ispaghul (plantain des Indes), argile, konjac, psyllium noir, mélasse.

    Constituants analytiques :

    Protéines brutes 4.74%, matières grasses brutes 2.49%, cendres brutes 42.26%, cellulose brute 5.77%, lysine 0.14%, méthionine 0.06%, sodium traces.


    Non dopant.

  • Vermicelles à mélanger à la ration.

    Donner 50g (3 doses bombées) par jour pendant au moins 20 jours. Idéalement, répartir la prise en 2 fois (25 g le matin et 25 g le soir).

    Utilisation possible à l’année en continu. Si utilisation en prévention : réduire la dose journalière à 25 g.

    Pour les équidés de taille < à 1.20 m, diminuer les doses de moitié.

    Toujours laisser de l’eau à volonté.

    Si d'autres compléments alimentaires ou médicaments doivent être donnés pendant la cure, espacer leur administration d'au moins 3 heures avec la prise de Stomach Aid.

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