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Recommended uses:

- Horse having caught a cold or in prevention.

- Coughing horse (fatty or dry cough).

- Horse allergic or sensitive to a dusty environment.

- Sport horse to optimize the functioning of the respiratory system.

Characteristics :

Pulm On Air is a solution formulated from natural elements acting on the respiratory system with a broad spectrum.

Eucalyptus is often considered the plant of respiration. Anti-infectious, antiseptic and antiviral, it promotes hygiene of the respiratory system. It thins phlegm and facilitates their expectoration to free breathing. It also strengthens the immune system.

Thyme is remarkably effective on all respiratory infections. It is antispasmodic and calms coughs. It is also a general tonic which fights fatigue.

Lungwort is a plant that has been used since ancient times to treat respiratory ailments. It offers a fluidifying and expectorant action necessary in the event of a fatty cough. If the cough is dry, its softening properties relieve irritation of the respiratory tract.

Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and acts against nasopharyngitis (cold).

Manganese fights respiratory allergies.

Iodine is beneficial for the respiratory system (the benefits of sea air!).

Conditioning :

1 liter measuring bottle, i.e. 20 days of cure at 50 ml / day.

Made in France.



  • Complementary dietetic food for horses.

    Thyme, eucalyptus, pulmonary. Products of the transformation of crushed plants.

    Analytical constituents:

    Crude fiber 0.40%, crude ash 6.85%, crude protein 0.00%, crude fat 0.00%, sodium 0.00%.

    Additives per liter:

    TRACE ELEMENTS: E5 manganese (manganous sulfate monohydrate) = 30.25 mg; E2 iodine (potassium iodide) = 101 mg; VITAMINS: vitamin C = 1008 mg; AROMATIC SUBSTANCES: mixture of aromatic substances.

  • Liquid solution to be mixed with the ration or administered directly into the mouth with an oral syringe.

    Shake before use.

    Give 50ml per day for 7 to 10 days depending on the improvement observed.

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