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Recommended uses:

- Mare stressed by painful heat (back pain, stiffness, posterior lameness…).

- “Pissing” mare presenting behavioral abnormalities (susceptible, sticking to the leg, cracking of the tail, etc.).

Characteristics :

Relieves the mare embarrassed by her heat. Soothes the "pissing" mare, in particular to optimize her work and her athletic performance.

Linden has soothing and antispasmodic properties.

Hawthorn acts on anxiety and emotionality.

Magnesium "calms the nerves" and promotes muscle relaxation.

Conditioning :

1 liter measuring bottle, i.e. 33 days of treatment at 30 ml / day.

Made in France.



  • Complementary feed for horses.

    Water, linden and hawthorn processing products, magnesium chloride, anhydrous magnesium sulfate.

    Analytical constituents:

    Moisture 90.09%, crude protein 0.00%, crude fiber 0.00%, crude fat 0.00%, crude ash 0.06%, magnesium 1.01%, sodium 0.04%.

    Additives per liter:

    AROMATIC SUBSTANCES: mixture of aromatic substances.


  • Liquid solution to be mixed with the ration or administered directly into the mouth with an oral syringe.

    Shake before use.

    Give 30 ml per day for 8 days, stop for 7 days then, again, give 30 ml per day for 8 days.

    For a mare who is permanently upset, it is possible to give 15 ml daily over 20 consecutive days per month throughout the heat period (spring-summer).

    For ponies reduce the dose by half.

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