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Cool On TRACK coat

Cool your dog fast with Cool on Track ™, a high-tech material from Back on Track®.

The cooler coat stores water and uses it to cool your dog as it evaporates, when the water changes from liquid to vapor, your dog's temperature drops. Soak the COOL ON TRACK coat in cool water or run it under running water for a minute or two. Wring out the excess water, lay and adjust the coat on the animal. Even wet it feels dry to the touch. Be careful never to try to unfold it dry, you risk tearing it.

Store moist in its original packaging.

The Back on Track product range can be machine washed at 30 ° with a mild detergent.

IMPORTANT DO NOT use fabric softener or bleach DO NOT tumble dry or iron above 50 ° The products have no side effects.

Cooling Coat

PriceFrom CHF28.00
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