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The mesh coat is light and flexible with an optimal fit. Even dogs who don't want to wear regular coats will accept the mesh coat. Thanks to Welltex®, the dog keeps its own body heat, without the risk of overheating. The outer material consists of a fine mesh, thus wicking away moisture. This coat can be worn under another coat (waterproof for example), during dog training, after a bath or to dry the dog when the skin is wet from the rain. Ideal for older dogs and / or with osteoarthritis. The size can be adjusted on the chest and neck for an optimal fit. It is equipped with thigh straps for the hind legs, an opening for the leash on the collar and a passage for the tail. For your own safety and the safety of your dog, the coat is also equipped with reflectors on the sides. The shape of the coat is suitable for different breeds and different size dogs depending on the size you choose. Available in black and blue.

Net coat

PriceFrom CHF73.00
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