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Magic Purple lotion is a treatment that neutralizes yellow spots on white or gray horses, on tails and manes, on balzanes, on lists and other white marks. Not requiring water and without rinsing, it is perfect for last minute use or in winter when you do not want to wet the horse.
Maximum efficiency with the 2-sided microfiber grooming glove.
Magic Purple lotion is not just a yellowing agent, it is a real treatment enriched with silk proteins. It nourishes and hydrates the coat and the hair. It brings shine and facilitates disentangling.
Its floral scent makes it very pleasant to use.
Guaranteed without parabens.

360 ° Mist Spray:
- Aerosol diffusion (without gas): perfect distribution and ideal dosage.
- 360 ° vaporization, even upside down.
- Drainage close to 100%.
- Reusable.

Available as a 320 ml mist spray, as a refill for 320 ml mist spray or in an economical pack: 1 mist spray + 1 refill.

Made in France.

To obtain the best results, follow the instructions for use of the product:

1. We shake
2. We squirt (not at 2 mm, hence the “mist” spray 😉)
3. The product is brushed WITHOUT ALLOWING TO APPLY and until the stain disappears.
4. It's clean 🤩

You can also squirt on your micro fiber or brush directly before rubbing if you have a delicate horse 😬


  • Agents déjaunisseurs, protéines de soie. Parfum. Colorant (CI 60730).

    Sans parabènes.

    Non dopant.

  • Can be used on dry or wet hair and horsehair.

    1 - Brush the stains to remove most of the dirt.

    2 - Shake well before use (two-phase).

    3 - Spray on the yellow spots, moving slightly in order to distribute the product well (avoid contact with the eyes).

    4 - Without waiting, rub vigorously using a 2-sided microfiber grooming glove or a soft brush (on the dress: direction of the hair then reverse the hair and so on ...) until total disappearance of purple color.

    5 - When the hair is no longer wet, brush again to complete the finish.

    6 - Wash your hands immediately afterwards to remove the color.

    For an enhanced anti-yellow spot action, use Magic Purple lotion directly after washing the affected areas with Magic Purple shampoo.

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