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Kerafeet Pink is a top-of-the-range balm for the daily maintenance of the hooves and does not color the feet pink 😉 Its formula combines qualitative ingredients to guarantee you high efficiency. In horses, good health starts with good feet!
Kerafeet Pink is a blend of 100% natural oils and fats: avocado, jojoba, linseed, bay leaf and lanolin oils. This complex, particularly rich in omega 3 and vitamins A, D3 and E, provides the essential elements to maintain or obtain a quality horn. The choice of natural ingredients allows excellent penetration. Kerafeet Pink moisturizes, softens and protects the hoof. It also stimulates the growth of the horn.
Keratin is a fibrous protein which represents the main structural element of the hairs, the horsehair but also of the horn (which is an agglomeration of hairs). Kerafeet Pink is enriched with keratin to strengthen and protect the hoof.
Selected essential oils (tea tree, palmarosa and lavender) have antiseptic properties. They fight against the development of bacteria and fungi responsible in particular for fork rot.

600 ml jar, 2 liter bucket and 5 liter bucket.

Made in France.


  • External care product.

    Complex of 100% natural oils and fats: avocado, jojoba, flax, bay leaf and lanolin. Essential oils of tea tree, palmarosa and lavender. Keratin.


  • On a clean and dry foot, distribute the product using a brush on the wall, the sole and the fork. Insist against the grain on the crown, where the horn is synthesized. In case of shower, preferably grease before.

    Apply from 3 times / week up to 2 times / day depending on the quality of the horn and living conditions (climate, type of soil, litter, etc.).

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