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    Frog Therapy is an all-natural product to treat infections of the horny box associated with bacteria, fungi and other microbes. It combines a very penetrating vegetable oil with benchmark antiseptic essential oils.

    Frog Therapy is effective in treating:

    - Rotten forks.

    - Anthills.

    - White line disease.

    - Abscesses (after draining the pus).

    The selected essential oils (tea tree, bay laurel, thyme and clove) have very powerful antiseptic properties and act with a wide spectrum of effectiveness. Their synergistic actions eradicate the fungi , bacteria and other microbes responsible for these foot infections.

    Frog Therapy is a pleasant smelling product that is pleasant to use. Its formulation based on vegetable oil keeps all the elasticity of the fork and the horny box.

    Conditioning :

    New 250 ml jar with a real integrated brush.

    Made in France.

    In the event of a major problem (large fork rot, extended anthill, etc.), prefer the use of the Dark Potion product, the action of which will be more radical.

    • Composition

      External care product.

      Vegetable oil. Essential oils of tea tree, laurel, thyme and cloves.


    • Manual

      1 - Clean the feet well and especially the gaps. Complete cleaning with a stiff brush or a small wire brush.

      2 - Shake before use then apply the oil to the infected areas using the brush included in the jar.

      3 - Repeat the operation daily for at least 15 days.

      To optimize the result, it is possible to first clean the infected areas with hydrogen peroxide.

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