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Rid'up "Plus" stirrup
  • Rid'up "Plus" stirrup

    SKU: ridplus

    Patented "Look" security system

    Cushioned floor with elastomer sole, steel studs

    Floor width: 12cm

    Composition Fiber reinforced polyamide. Ixef buckle

    Static resistance 500kg / stirrup


    The joint located at eye level immediately gives an ideal angulation specific to each rider. The leg is placed, the lower joints (ankle, knee) are thus relieved while maintaining the feeling of flexibility in the support on the stirrup. The optimized trim allows effective aids and better locomotion of the horse.


    The eye perpendicular to the axis makes it possible to put on Rid'Up comfortably while keeping the stirrup flat on the saddle quarter.


    To reduce the risk of being dragged by its stirrup following a fall, the Rid'Upse stirrup separates from the stirrup while remaining intact.

    • Information

      An independent study was carried out in 2019 by Davesne F, chiropodist, as part of his final thesis for a Bachelor in Podiatry at the Haute École Libre de Bruxelles Ilya Prigogine.
      This aimed to observe the influence of Rid'Up® stirrups on the rider's knee and ankle joints compared to traditional stirrups.

      ➡️ The study was carried out on 30 subjects, working alternately with Rid'Up® stirrups and traditional stirrups.
      The results obtained show a variation in the angles of the rider's knee and ankle joints (during a stride) markedly greater with traditional stirrups compared to Rid'Up® stirrups.

      ➡️ The use of more in-depth statistical tests proves that Rid'Up® stirrups allow the rider to have no significant difference in knee and ankle angulation during a stride unlike traditional stirrups for which this difference is highly significant.
      The angular variation of the ankle is more than 13 times greater and that of the knee more than 10 times with traditional stirrups compared to Rid'Up® stirrups.

      ➡️ Finally, an almost constant angulation of the knee and ankle of the rider during a stride is observed when he rises with Rid'Up® stirrups, hence the possible reduction in the risk of appearance of pathologies or the relief of those present in the rider (patellofemoral syndrome)

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