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Essential G2 Boue is a balm which combines antiseptic essential oils and sulfur with moisturizing and protective fatty substances. Tea tree essential oil is a powerful broad-spectrum antibacterial. It also has antifungal properties to effectively fight infections caused by fungi (yeast infection). The association with cajeput and niaoulirenforce its action as a skin disinfectant. Sulfur is naturally antiseptic, and in particular antibacterial and antifungal. Selected vegetable oils, such as macadamia oil, are very penetrating and allow the skin to be deeply hydrated. Avocado oil is ultra-nourishing. Argan oil repairs and protects the skin. The use of fatty substances rich in omega 3 and specific vitamins allows optimal skin regeneration. The lanolin - vaseline mixture forms a layer that is both softening and protective against humidity. 💡 Find all the advice in detail for effectively treating mud scab 👉https: // Packaging: Jar of 600 ml. Made in France. Non-doping.


  • External care product.

    Essential oils of tea tree, cajeput and niaouli. Sulfur. Vegetable oils of argan, avocado, macadamia, sweet almond and jojoba. Lanolin. Vaseline.


  • On crevices: apply to clean, dry skin. Massage lightly against the hair to penetrate the balm. Smooth in the direction of the hair.

    On the scabies of mud: wash the limbs using the shampoo treating Dermo Cade. Before rinsing, remove, without scratching, the crusts that want to leave. Rinse then dry well with a clean towel. Apply the balm against the hairline to be in contact with the skin. If the hairs are long, it is preferable to mow the limbs (leave part of the baleen, it is a natural protection of the fold of the pastern against humidity!). Massage lightly to penetrate the balm then smooth in the direction of the hair.

    In both cases, repeat once or twice a day until healing.

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