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Our advice for obtaining the best results: apply it at the very beginning of grooming, then let it act and finally use the horsehair brush very last.

Divine Demelcare is more than just a detangling-polishing agent. Enriched with keratin and silk proteins, it is a real treatment:

- Keratin nourishes and strengthens the hair and body hair. It also brings volume and shine. Keratin softens the skin.

- Silk proteins hydrate and improve elasticity. They cover and smooth the hair to facilitate disentangling.

- UV filters protect the dress and hair from the sun.

Divine Demelcare does not leave a slippery film on the horse and on the hands. You can use it just before getting on without risk of losing the grip of the equipment (reins and boots which slip, carpet which recedes…).

Divine Demelcare is very pleasant to use. It captivates you with its divine scent of monoi.

Guaranteed without parabens.

360 ° Mist Spray:

- Aerosol diffusion (without gas): perfect distribution and ideal dosage.

- 360 ° vaporization, even upside down.

- Drainage close to 100%.

- Reusable.


Available in 320 ml mist spray, in refill for 320 ml mist spray, in economical pack: 1 mist spray + 1 refill.

Available in a 1 liter bottle or in a 5 liter can to be transferred to a mist spray.

Made in France.

Store away from frost.


  • External care product Keratin, silk proteins, UV filters. Perfume, parabens, non-doping.

  • 1 - Shake before use.

    2 - Spray on the hair and on the coat.

    3 - Brush using a horsehair brush to detangle and a soft brush to polish.

    Store away from frost.

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