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Dark Potion is a solution whose recipe was developed by an equine veterinarian, specialist in foot problems. The product has a dual purpose:

- It is a fortifier for hoofs: Dark Potion allows to harden the sole and the wall if necessary (soft or crumbly horn, barefoot horses, sensitive horses…).

- It is a powerful antiseptic: Dark Potion makes it possible to eradicate fungi, bacteria and other microbes in the event of significant infections of the horny box (fork rot, white line disease, anthills, abscess (after having drained the pus).

Dark Potion contains in particular cade oil and tincture of iodine:

- 100% natural product, resulting from the dry distillation of cade juniper wood, cade oil has antiseptic and in particular antifungal properties. It also has a hardening action on the horn.

- A well-known antiseptic for disinfecting wounds, tincture of iodine is also very effective on the feet to kill germs, bacteria and fungi. It also helps to harden the horn.

Packaging: New 250 ml jar with a real integrated brush. Supplied in a plastic bag with a pair of gloves. Gloves prevent your hands from getting dirty during application. The plastic bag allows you to keep your pot by protecting your belongings in your locker or your grooming box.

Made in France more radical.


  • External care product.

    Cade oil, tincture of iodine ...

    Guaranteed without formaldehyde (formalin).


  • Shake before use.

    Strengthening action: On a clean, dry foot, apply on the sole and / or on the wall as needed using the brush included in the pot. On the wall, apply only to the lower half (do not apply to the crown). Repeat the operation daily for at least 15 days.

    Disinfectant action: Thoroughly clean the infected area with a hoof pick, a sharp object and a small wire brush. Apply the product using the brush included in the jar. Repeat the operation daily for at least 10 days. To optimize the result, it is possible to first clean the infected areas with hydrogen peroxide.

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