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The new Full Fly Cover from Back on Track® features our famous Welltex® fabric (Far Infrared Energy) The shirt protects your horse from insects and flies, it is made with a unique mesh material that allows the air to circulate for better breathability. The material is durable and made of soft mesh polyester with Welltex®.

Reflective powers even on the outside of the shirt which can keep the horse from overheating and prevent the horse's coat from being bleached by the sun. Anatomical cut to give the shoulders much more ease. Lining along the mane, shoulders and chest to prevent chafing. Neck combined with full length for full protection. This shirt is versatile and can be used in the stable or outside in hot weather.

The Welltex® effect is famous for its ability to improve blood circulation and aid in the production of nitric oxide. Great if you want to help your horse recover or relieve tension and muscles in the back, shoulders and neck in addition to the utility of a fly shirt!

  • Infrared energy effect
  • Durable polyester
  • Glossy lining in exposed areas
  • Comboneck with hook-and-loop closures
  • Front closure with T-loops and hook and loop
  • Detachable strap with T-buckles
  • Long tail guard
  • D-rings for tail cord

Fly blanket with Buzter neck

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