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The ideal blanket for those who want to enjoy the “Back on Track” effect all year round with just one blanket. The Mesh Blanket is a multifunctional and extremely popular product. We sell more mesh shirts than all of our other blankets combined! Both drying, under cover in winter, during transport, stable shirt, it is really perfect because of its optimal ventilation, very breathable. The blanket can be used with great benefit before exercise or competition to warm up muscles as well as after exercise and competition to promote recovery. The mesh shirt has a polypropylene fabric lining impregnated with ceramic particles. The exterior is fine but sturdy mesh. It is reinforced around the neckline with polyester and has a pad at the withers. Double chest closure with D-rings and buckles. Tail flap and crossed surcingles.

Available in black and blue in the sizes 115cm- 165cm

Mesh shirt

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