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Love my tack cream is a real “care and beauty” product for leather, based on beeswax and glycerin. It deeply nourishes and softens all leathers, even the driest and cracked. Its texture makes it very pleasant to use and facilitates its penetration. It gives a very beautiful appearance to the leather, a rejuvenated aspect.

Love my tack cream protects leather from moisture and fights against the appearance of mold. It preserves the seams.

Love my tack cream does not make the saddle or boots slippery. It does not stain leather or textiles.

Conditioning :

500 ml jar.

Made in France.


  • Beeswax, glycerin.

  • 1 - If the leather is dirty, clean it first using Love my tack soap.

    2 - Apply then massage in by hand or with a cloth.

    3 - Polish with a clean, dry cloth to perfect the finish.

    Tip: for optimal results, if you clean your leathers beforehand with Love my tack soap, do not let the latter dry and apply the cream directly to the still damp leather.

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