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1 Recharge

Extra PonyWash is a very practical spray to easily clean the coat and hair in all circumstances. Not requiring water and without rinsing , it is perfect for last minute use or in winter when you do not want to wet the horse.

Extra PonyWash overcomes:

- Stains of urine and dung.

- Traces of sweat.

- Dust and grime.

Maximum efficiency with the 2-sided microfiber grooming glove.

Extra PonyWash contains a fatty substance to fight against dryness of the skin, hair and horsehair.

Ylang-Ylang essential oil brings strength and shine to hair and horsehair. It stimulates and tones the skin. Its intoxicating smell acts on stress.

Guaranteed without parabens and silicones.

360 ° Mist Spray:

- Aerosol diffusion (without gas): perfect distribution and ideal dosage.

- 360 ° vaporization, even upside down.

- Drainage close to 100%.

- Reusable.


Available as a 320 ml mist spray, as a refill for 320 ml mist spray or in an economical pack: 1 mist spray + 1 refill.

Available in a 1 liter bottle or in a 5 liter can to be transferred to a mist spray.

Made in France.

  • Composition

    External care product.

    Alcohol, emollient, Ylang-Ylang essential oil.

    Without parabens. Without silicones.


  • Mode d'emploi

    1 - Shake before use.

    2 - Spray on the coat and / or on the hair avoiding contact with the eyes, mucous membranes and possible small wounds.

    3 - Clean using a 2-sided microfiber grooming glove or a soft brush, rubbing if necessary.

    In the event of an encrusted stain, spray generously and leave to act for 30 seconds before rubbing.

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