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EQ3 Pardus Micromocca
  • EQ3 Pardus Micromocca

    SKU: 4940

    We present to you the EQ3 Pardus headphones with an elegant design. The helmet is available in two versions: smooth (mat) and microfiber with glitter.

    Pardus has good ventilation on the front and back of the helmet. The removable (washable) coolmax liner wicks away moisture.

    Pardus is equipped with the same MIPS rotation system as EQ3 Lynx, which was the helmet that got the award for best test in 2018 by Folksam.

    Equipped with the patented MIPS system for the protection of the brain, it considerably increases the safety against brain damage. The MIPS system mimics the security systems that internal to the human head.

    When the head is subjected to a tilted impact, the brain is able to move through the cerebrospinal fluid, which reduces the force to which the brain is subjected during such an impact.
    The MIPS system is the yellow shell you see inside all Back on Track helmets.
    The helmet has a better fit

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