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Recommended uses:

- Healthy horse to "clean" the body ideally twice a year.

- Sport horse to promote the elimination of toxins.

- Horse whose liver is overloaded because of too rich a diet.

- Horse requiring significant metabolic support (old, broodmare…) or convalescent (blood stroke, laminitis…).

Drainatox can also be used:

- Before any other cure or treatment in order to optimize the result (better assimilation thanks to a liver that works well).

- After taking any medication or chemical dewormers to eliminate unwanted substances and limit side effects.

- In horses prone to summer dermatitis whose allergy may be due to poor functioning of the liver and the presence of toxins in the body.

Characteristics :

The liver is a major organ for the horse as it is for humans:

- It manages the available energy stock (glycogen).

- It participates in the production of proteins and the recycling of the blood.

- It transforms toxic substances to allow their elimination. It secretes bile which plays an essential role in the assimilation of nutrients and the evacuation of toxins and metabolic waste.

Drainatox is a formulated herbal solution that supports the functioning of the liver and kidneys . Drainatox also stimulates the general metabolism.

Artichoke , milk thistle and black radish are major players in hepatic drainage . They protect and stimulate the tired liver. They promote the secretion of bile.

Goldenrod, quackgrass, ash, asparagus root and hops have purifying properties (they eliminate poisons and toxins from the blood) and diuretics (they increase urine production). They call on the kidneys for its functions of filtration and purification of the blood.

Conditioning :

1 liter measuring bottle, i.e. 20 days of cure at 50 ml / day.

Made in France.



  • Aliment complémentaire pour chevaux.

    Houblon, artichaut, verge d’or, racine d’asperge, chardon-marie, radis noir, chiendent, frêne, saccharose.

    Constituants analytiques :

    Protéine brute 0.10%, cellulose brute 0.10%, matières grasse brutes 0.02%, cendres brutes 0.07%, lysine traces, méthionine traces, sodium traces.


    Non dopant.

  • Liquid solution to be mixed with the ration or administered directly into the mouth with an oral syringe.

    Shake before use.

    Give 50 ml per day for 7 days. For ponies reduce the dose by half.

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